Roswell Outback Automotive Racing

formally: Robinson Racing Enterprises



All of our Roll Cages are designed & built to provide maximum safety & strength in accordance with your sanctioning body's rules.

Each Unibody cage is closely fitted to the inner bodywork to provide maximum rigidity, and in today's smaller cars, to keep the bars as far as possible from the driver. All Cages are DOM Tubing , Mandrel Bent & Mig Welded.


(DOM Tubing vs. 4130 Chrome Moly. Generally, most sanctioning bodies specify what diameter and thickness tubing you must use to be legal. Chrome Moly Weighs The Same per foot as DOM so don’t think you can “Cheat” and build a lighter Rollcage by using Chrome Moly Tubing. Chrome Moly is more expensive and must be TIG Welded, and Normalized after welding. (A much slower process, resulting in higher cost) Due to the higher tensile strength of Chrome Moly it has a tendency to break under impact, rather than bending as DOM will do. We prefer that some “Crush Factor” be built into your cage, rather than having all the door bars in your lap after you get T-Boned on the race track.


SCCA Production Cages ,SCCA Spec Miata, IT, PCA , & BMW Club Cages...........$3500.00*

* Cage Price Does Not Include Cost of Materials As This Will Vary From Car To Car.

You Will Only Be Charged For The Actual Amount Of Material Used in Construction And Installation.


We will be glad to Quote Prices for the following types of cars :

SCCA World Challenge----IMSA Continental Tire Series ---

NASA----NASCAR Short Track----Vintage

For Liability Reasons

We are not interested in building a “Roll Bar” for the new 350 Horsepower Mustang GT you just bought your 16 year old daughter. We may however, consider building you an “Interior Enhancement Bar” so she will look cool while riding around with her friends who will be cramped up in the back seat.